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Welcome to Wolfpack Investment Management

We help you with the right plan to climb your financial mountain, so you can focus on your passions and not stress about finances.


You are unique

We specialize in assisting young professionals, business owners, educators, and married couples. We dedicate ourselves to make sure that you understand your financial situation and make you understand that there is a solution to feel financially secure throughout all your life stages and beyond.

Young Professionals

We work with young professionals like yourself - Wolfpack Investment Management

Every career stage in your life allows you to build your wealth. Although, you want to discover the world and have fun as well, are you making the proper financial moves that will not create a negative ripple effect until you retire?

Business Owners

We work with small business owners - Wolfpack Investment Management

You have built your business from the ground up, but are the financial moves you make within your business capable of your continued business success or growth? Perhaps you are in need of a Virtual CFO? Will you have a comfortable retirement?


We work with teachers and educators - Wolfpack Investment Management

Want to prepare and educate future generations, but continue to struggle with finding the resources while having to use your own financial means?​ Is your retirement on track or locked in an expensive financial product that you do not understand?

Married couples

We work with married couples - Wolfpack Investment Management

One of the most common reasons for divorce is financial issues. Are you and your partner having trouble reaching financial unity? Would you like to work as a team with your finances and avoid economic hardships? Is money a power struggle strain?


What Wolfpack Investment Management Offers?

We consider you a long-term client, not just another "customer."


Financial Planning

Financial planning examines your finances, income, assets, liabilities, and investments. The financial plan demonstrates your current and future financial state along with our recommendations.


Investment Management

We create customized portfolios where we have discretionary portfolio management while acting as a fiduciary that meets financial objectives and investment needs. Since we manage the portfolios on your behalf, it is a removal of typical investor behavioral tendencies.


Why Wolfpack Investment Management?

Just like you are unique, so are we - we take pride in our values.


We are an independent firm and therefore we work for our client's best interests. We put our clients first before our own interests. We have to be transparent about any conflicts of interest.



We are not in the business of selling you investment products, nor represent another company and do not receive any commissions. You are not just another customer, you are a client.

No Minimums

We do not believe in having income requirements or minimum asset requirements because it creates a limitation to those who really require financial advice.


Everyone who needs access to financial advice should receive it regardless of net worth, income or any other form of denying someone equal treatment.


Looking for some Freebies?

We have a page dedicated to free resources.


The Money Howl​


Get the latest information that matters the most to your finances.


Wondering What Others Have Asked Us?

We have a page of some of the questions we commonly get asked.


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