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Financial Planning For

your Unique Life

Finally, a service that takes the guesswork out of managing your finances and helps you understand how everything works when you make a particular financial decision.


We are all different, we are all unique, and we all have different goals. Therefore, it is essential to have a customized plan that works for your financial situation and makes you understand that there is a solution to feel financially secure throughout all your life stages and beyond.

It's time to stop making bad financial decisions and work with a fee-only financial advisor who will act as a fiduciary to help you through your financial situation.

A plan never goes from A to Z in a straight line. Of course, there is always some deviation, but a well-thought-out strategy with contingencies will allow you to remain calm as you move toward your goals.

Although we cannot answer the questions on our website as each financial situation differs, we encourage you to reach out to us for a free assessment.


Branches of A Financial Plan

A financial plan isn't just investments. It has multiple topics, like a teacher’s lesson plan, an entrepreneur’s business plan, or an athletic team’s strategic plan to win a championship at the end of the season. A financial plan can be comprehensive, depending on your financial situation.

A financial plan has multiple topics. A financial plan can be comprehensive depending on your financial situation.

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Flexible Pricing options that fit your unique needs



Comprehensive Financial Plan

Upfront Fee: $250

Ongoing Months: $150

  • Also known as "Ongoing Financial Planning"

  • A complete financial plan​

  • Monthly subscription

  • We monitor the financial plan

  • Structured meetings throughout the year to keep you engaged and in control​​

  • Access to financial planning software

  • Ongoing access as situations and circumstances change


Financial Plan Creation

Fee: $2,000

Half Fee Due at the Beginning

  • A complete financial plan

  • One time fee​

  • You follow & monitor the financial plan

  • You don't require accountability

  • Annual check-in

Fee may be higher in the case of a client's financial complexity



Financial Plan

Hourly Rate: $200

Minimum 2 Hours

Fees Due Upon Completion of Plan

  • Also known as "Project Based Financial Planning"

  • Creation of a partial financial plan

  • Flexibility

    • Pay for what you need​

  • You follow & monitor the financial plan

  • You don't require accountability

  • Annual check-in

Some hourly project examples:

  • Investment Analysis

    • 2 - 4 Hours​

  • Budget Creation

    • 2 - 5 Hours​

  • Real Estate Property Valuation

    • 2 - 6 Hours​

  • Two Financial Topics

    • 2 - 8 Hours​


Hours vary per project/engagement


Financial Planning Process

Step 1:

Complimentary Assessment

This 30-minute meeting lets us ensure your situation matches our knowledge and experience.


Ready to move forward? 

We encourage you to reach out to us for a free assessment.

Step 2:

Strategy Meeting

Just like when you go to a doctor to diagnose an issue, they prescribe a solution after they know your situation. We do the same when it comes to your financial situation.


Before this meeting, you will fill out a questionnaire that will assist in getting a high-level overview. The information will help tailor this 1-hour strategy meeting as we work together to gain more knowledge of your situation.

We will dig deeper into your goals, needs, and any concerns you may have.

We will require details such as:

  • Pay Stubs

  • Investment Accounts

  • Retirement (Pension) Account Statements

  • Bank Statements

  • Credit Card Statements

The more details you provide, the better we can help.

Step 3:

Developing Your Financial Plan

We will work with you to develop your customized financial plan with the information that you provided and the goals that you seek. We will use our experience and industry knowledge to construct a plan that will allow you to understand your financial situation. Also, to make sure you know that there is a solution to feel financially secure today and throughout all your life stages and beyond.



Step 4:

Delivery & Implementation of Financial Plan

We will provide recommendations for your financial situation by delivering to you your customized Financial Plan.

We offer different types of Financial Planning services to fit your needs.

Step 5:

Check-in Progress Review

After becoming a client, we hold check-in meetings to discuss progress and any new topics arising from your financial life.

We will also reach out to our clients, if need be, to reevaluate goals, decisions, and upcoming life events.

You are no longer alone!