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Investment Management That

Maximizes Your Goals

Most investors are their own enemies. Studies have shown that over time, on average, investors significantly underperform the markets because of their behavioral tendencies as humans. Many investors buy at the wrong time: buy high and sell low as emotions of fear and greed overcome their strategy and time horizon. Also, investors may be too overexposed to a specific investment or sector, which then creates no diversification and therefore are at a higher risk of loss.

We create tailored portfolios for our clients on a discretionary portfolio management basis that meets their financial objectives and investment needs based on risk tolerance. Since we manage our clients' portfolios on their behalf, they are no longer their own enemy.

Our investment management service also includes the following:

  • No minimums

  • Investment outlook newsletter​

  • Ongoing portfolio rebalancing

  • Tax-loss harvesting

  • Anytime access (email, phone, and scheduled meetings)

Although we cannot answer the questions on our website as each financial situation differs, we encourage you to reach out to us for a free assessment.


Investment Philosophy

Our view is to create tailored diversified investment portfolios that meet the needs of our clients. Each portfolio construction has the goal of protecting and growing wealth over time.

Strategic Asset Allocation - Wolfpack Investment Management

Strategic Asset Allocation

Strategic asset allocation is the key component for creating high performing portfolios.

We construct portfolios with the goal of maximizing returns relative to a client's risk tolerance.

Top-Down Focus Approach - Wolfpack Investment Management

Top-Down Focus

We seek a top-down approach when we construct portfolios.

We consider macroeconomics which looks at the overall biggest factors affecting the economy as a whole. Then we seek how it will factor into sectors and individuals companies.

Quantitative Analytics ​- Wolfpack Investment Management

Quantitative Analytics

We use quantitative analysis when constructing our client's portfolios. This allows the maximization of expected returns while minimizing the exposure of risk given a client's risk tolerance.

Investors cannot expect a return without some level of risk.

Diversification - Wolfpack Investment Management


Diversification increases returns while decreasing risk.

Portfolios with different asset classes such as cash, stocks, bonds, international exposures and alternatives have a much better opportunity for a positive return.



(AUM = Assets Under Management)

(MM = Million)

Annual Fee
$0 - $2.5MM
$2.5MM - $5MM
Over $5MM

Investment Management Process

Step 1:

Complimentary Assessment

This 30-minute meeting lets us ensure your situation matches our knowledge and experience.

Ready to move forward?

We encourage you to reach out to us for a free assessment.

Step 2:

Strategy Meeting

Just like when you go to a doctor to diagnose an issue, they prescribe a solution after they know your situation. We do the same when it comes to your financial situation.


Before this meeting, you will fill out an investor profile that will assist in getting a high-level overview. The information will help tailor this 1-hour strategy meeting as we work together to gain more knowledge of your investment knowledge and risk tolerance.

We will require the following account details (if applicable):​

  • Investment account statements

  • Retirement account statements

The more details you provide, the better we can help.

Step 3:

Developing Your Investment Policy Statement (IPS)

Based on the risk tolerance score, the IPS is a written plan that provides direction and guidance for your customized portfolio that is optimized to meet your investment goals and objectives. We create a diversified portfolio with ideal weights and distribution between cash, stocks, bonds, international exposure, and alternatives.


Step 4:

Execution of IPS

Once client approved, we begin to invest your funds based on the IPS. The objective is to achieve the benefits of diversification to minimize risk.

Step 5:

Check-in Progress Review

After becoming a client, we hold review meetings to discuss progress and any new significant changes to your goals, objectives, constraints, or circumstances.

We will also reach out to our clients to reevaluate goals, decisions, and upcoming life events.

You are no longer alone!